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15 November 2017 @ 08:57 am
Hello everyone!

Welcome to "Sub sub gakkou", your one stop for learning everything about fansubbing! Here you will find easy to follow video tutorials along with very easy exercises to help you learn and improve.

Why would you want to learn anything about fansubbing?

  1. It's a great way to contribute to your fandom.

  2. It's a great and easy way to learn/improve another language.

  3. If you're not the translator, well, you get the translation before everybody else ;)

  4. If you're freely pretiming, you get to work on the project you want.

You can also read this great Arashi fan's guide to fansubbing by barbosa2007!

If you're already part of a subbing team and are looking to recruit some new members, you're absolutely free to use anything posted in this community. This "school" was created for this purpose :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the right entry dedicated to the subject of your question. Don't hesitate to check the FAQ as well :)

I am not an expert at everything you will learn here but I have a lot of experience that I really wanted to share. If you see any mistake or a way to improve the "lessons", please feel absolutely free to say so in the comment section :)

NB: I'm French so please excuse my English mistakes and my terrible Frenglish accent!


As a "school", this community also propose for you to share your own pretimed files so potential translators can access it and be motivated to make more subs!

Please follow the instructions of this entry to make your own request.

We also have a project with our friend at nyoop where you can pick one of their translation. Please read the condition carefully.


Thank you and enjoy your stay!

Show Name: Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen
Air Date: 2019.04.13 (15th Anniversary SP: Aiba Masaki Goes to the Philippines)
Duration: 26 minutes and 40 seconds (26:40)
Raw Video: Segment Cut (Kindly send a PM at 031394 for the decryption key and RAR file password.) | Full Show by tattoo2748@naver at arashigoodies
Transcript: Partial Transcript at Arashi Transcripts (Segment starts at around (春菜) ありがとう。続いては?はい! and ends at around <こちらが 番組開始から15年経った相葉の姿>お疲れ お疲れ。成長しました?園長はノッケーですね。あら?)
Comment: Reminisce the roots of Aiba as he returns to the Philippines with this gem of an episode to discover if he has improved his skills of shampooing animals.

[Guess what?]

(He still doubts at the end if the segment truly showed his growth. 🤣)

As he wears his trusted blue jumper again after a long time, witness the not-so-scary beast master reunite with an orangutan after 15 years and feed milk to lion cubs and a white tiger.

Hello! I am mainly looking for someone to time the video, but if you are also willing and able to do simple typesetting, i.e., color-code lines by person and position lines in the frame, that would be great. 😊 I am also thinking of encoding the file into the video, but if brushing up my skills does not work, maybe a video encoder can lend a hand? Lastly, if in case someone is already working on a similar project, would someone please tell me, so that I can ask them if I would be able to offer them help? Thank you very much in advance! 🙇🏽‍♀️✨

UPDATE AS OF 2019.04.25: Well, that was fast! 😅 Found a timer and typesetter, yay! 🙌🏽

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Subjet of entry: [TRANSLATION REQUEST]Yokoso Wagaya e ( April 13 – June 15, 2015)

Show name: Yokoso Wagaya e
Air date: ( April 13 – June 15, 2015)
Duration: 7 episodes (first 3 already done)
Raw provider: Bagikuy! (Old Anime Lady)
Transcript: If available, can be found at  Subscene
Subtitle file: use subscene link above JPN subs complete
Your comment: I have been trying to get this subbed for over a year, I have already timed the song at the end, current subber has gone Mia for 2 months and I was the one to bring this project to her attention. Even if you are only willing to sub 1 episode it will bring us closer to it being fully subbed : )  I would like to have the soft subs posted on subscene so we never lose them again, this is my only requirement (I knw nervy of me whan i can't even pass N5 yet)
please contact me via twitter
@MelissaSabry120 or old anime lady on MyDramalist.com I check them more often than this LJ account.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to working with you

Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Air date: 2016.09.10
Duration: About 46 mins
Raw provider: KnH
Subtitle file: Mega
Your comment: An oldie but full of goodies. Death match with Kitagawa Keiko and Imoto Ayako. The interactions between Arashi and the two ladies are hilarious. Together in this episode is Juntoshi corners where MJ takes up the task of booing random people that he met while Ohno makes gyoza with his kouhai Nakajima Kento and learns the art of fanservice from him.Arashi also performs Power of the Paradise. The file is timed, typesetted and partially translated.

Show name: VS Arashi
Air date: 2019.02.28
Duration: 47:15
Raw provider: Arashi goodies
Transcript: arashi-transcripts
Your comment: We have 2 Johnny's with the opponent team: Toma and Yuma. Toma talks about Four Tops being at Johnny's Countdown and how Sho looked like a proud father looking at them. There's also a new archery game, that was specially fun for Ohno to play.



Show name: Mayonaka No arashi
Air date: 2002.02.20
Duration: 25 min
Raw provider:Chesutosakurai(link in comment below)
And also in
Bilibili) https://www.bilibili.com/video/av39630735/?p=19
Transcript: N/A
Your comment: This episode looks really awesome when I was watching the raw. It takes you back in time to when the men we know and love were boys trying to venture into new adventures at the middle of the night. This particular episode has Jun snooping in a girl's bedroom. 

If someone will kindly translate it for me, I will time, typeset, sub and do the rest. Thank you.

P.S. I have pictures, but can't figure out how to post them here. So will just link to this tweet which has the pics https://twitter.com/neela130/status/1101430689151430657

Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare - MJ Club Cut
Air date: 2019.02.23 (20:59 - 35:52)
Duration: About 15 mins
Raw provider: Arashi Goodies
Transcript: Available here by arashi-transcripts (Start from 芸能界にごまんといるMJの友達 and end at 以上、MJ倶楽部でした。)
Your comment: This episode is hilarious! I could not stop laughing, especially when Nakamura Shichinosuke revealed many stories about MatsuJun. I've already started translating using the transcripts.

Also, I would like to request for help with cutting the MJ club segment from the original video file please. Someone to help with typesetting would be great too. If anyone or group intends to sub the entire episode, I'm more than glad to contribute my translations then we wouldn't need to worry about cutting the segment video because I'm honestly doing this to practice my Japanese.

*Update: 2 Mar*
Video editor and timer found. Can anyone help with encoding the file when we're done?

*Update: 3 Mar*
Encoder found so I have enough help. All that's left is to make the subtitles. :)


Show name: Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen
Air date: 2019.02.16
Duration: 19 minutes 58 seconds
Raw provider: Arashi Goodies
Subtitle file: MEGA
Your comment: Our boy Aiba is back, back again! This episode is all about him rescuing and healing more doggos - specifically 60 of them! If you understand Japanese, please do translate this wonderful cut. This is timed, typesetted and partially translated :)

Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Air date: 2015.12.12
Raw provider: chesutosakurai
Subtitle file: MF
Your comment: Fun episode with Nino's movie mom Yoshinaga-san who is so kind that Nino doesn't think anyone else in the world is kind anymore

Show name: Atarashii Arashi
Air date: 2013.07.20
Duration: 50:28
Raw provider: arashigoodies
Subtitle file: MF
Your comment: Oldie but a goodie :) First episode is already subbed on my journal, but need help finishing this last episode. Some of the episode is translated already!