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15 November 2017 @ 08:57 am
Hello everyone!

Welcome to "Sub sub gakkou", your one stop for learning everything about fansubbing! Here you will find easy to follow video tutorials along with very easy exercises to help you learn and improve.

Why would you want to learn anything about fansubbing?

  1. It's a great way to contribute to your fandom.

  2. It's a great and easy way to learn/improve another language.

  3. If you're not the translator, well, you get the translation before everybody else ;)

  4. If you're freely pretiming, you get to work on the project you want.

You can also read this great Arashi fan's guide to fansubbing by barbosa2007!

If you're already part of a subbing team and are looking to recruit some new members, you're absolutely free to use anything posted in this community. This "school" was created for this purpose :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the right entry dedicated to the subject of your question. Don't hesitate to check the FAQ as well :)

I am not an expert at everything you will learn here but I have a lot of experience that I really wanted to share. If you see any mistake or a way to improve the "lessons", please feel absolutely free to say so in the comment section :)

NB: I'm French so please excuse my English mistakes and my terrible Frenglish accent!


As a "school", this community also propose for you to share your own pretimed files so potential translators can access it and be motivated to make more subs!

Please follow the instructions of this entry to make your own request.

We also have a project with our friend at nyoop where you can pick one of their translation. Please read the condition carefully.


Thank you and enjoy your stay!

Show name: Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen
Air date: 2019.02.16
Duration: 19 minutes 58 seconds
Raw provider: Arashi Goodies
Subtitle file: MEGA
Your comment: Our boy Aiba is back, back again! This episode is all about him rescuing and healing more doggos - specifically 60 of them! If you understand Japanese, please do translate this wonderful cut. This is timed, typesetted and partially translated :)

Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Air date: 2015.12.12
Raw provider: chesutosakurai
Subtitle file: MF
Your comment: Fun episode with Nino's movie mom Yoshinaga-san who is so kind that Nino doesn't think anyone else in the world is kind anymore

Show name: Atarashii Arashi
Air date: 2013.07.20
Duration: 50:28
Raw provider: arashigoodies
Subtitle file: MF
Your comment: Oldie but a goodie :) First episode is already subbed on my journal, but need help finishing this last episode. Some of the episode is translated already!


Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Air date: 2016.07.09
Duration: 26 minutes 41 seconds
Raw provider: chesutosakurai (2:48 to 29:29)
Subtitle file: MEGA
Your comment: This episode is a bit old but let's reminisce on the good ol' pre-hiatus announcement times, shall we? Deathmatch cut only. Timed and typesetted, I just need someone to translate. Starring Ninomiya-UDON!-Kazunari, Jun-huhuhuhu-Matsumoto and winner!Satoshi.


Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Air date: 2019.01.19
Duration: 46 minutes 5 seconds
Raw provider: Arashi Goodies
Transcript: arashi-transcripts
Subtitle file: MEGA
Your comment: It's a fun episode with a Pasta Death Match, Aiba touring  Mt. Fuji on his bike, and Sho's newest artistic creation. I already timed it with the transcript and typesetted it. This is my first time timing a full episode so please tell me if there are any mistakes. Advice and constructive criticism are welcome!

28 January 2019 @ 11:34 pm
Show name: VS Arashi
Air date: 2019.01.24
Duration: 46mins 26secs
Raw provider: Here at arashigoodies
Transcript: Here at arashi-transcripts
Your comment: This VSA aired the day before Sho's birthday in 2019 and contains a LOT of Sho love and laughs. I loved watching Ueda come in and shower his aniki with love and attention. The episode also has interesting talks - and matsumiya baby pics! If anybody is willing to help out by pre-timing the file, I'd be very grateful! (If you're also interested in QC-ing the translation and making the hardsubs for the episode, let me know ✨)
Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Air date: 2019.01.12
Duration: 7 minutes 42 seconds (CM removed)
Raw provider: Arashi Goodies
Transcript: Arashi Transcripts
Subtitle file: MEGA
Video file (Kakurega Arashi - Ohno CUT): MEGA
Comment: I wanted to practice timing, might as well do something short ^_^. It's the episode where Ohno mentions his love for gacha-pon & putting pill-bugs up his nose, bless the child *clutches pearls*.
The translation is quite straightforward I think. I've also put in the transcript from @arashi-transcripts in the timed file to make it easier for you ;) The CUT file has the CM removed from the original raw to cut down on file size. Credit @tsuriida & do give feedback on timing if picking this up! <3

24 December 2018 @ 04:09 am

Show name: VS Arashi
Air date: 2018.12.06
Duration: 46 minutes 43 seconds
Raw provider: Arashi Goodies
Subtitle file: MEGA
Your comment: This episode had my ichiban from Sexy Zone and Kinpuri: Kenty and Kishi, and DAIGO, I simply couldn't not time it :) Fun fact: this episode was timed in 3 different countries since I did it on my trip from Canada to India. It is timed, typesetted and partially translated! Starring Sexyyyyyy, HAIRIMASHTA, Aba-kun, Sato-chan, Rock Shoot and HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ~



Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Air date: 2018.12.15
Duration: 46 minutes 5 seconds
Raw provider: Arashi Goodies
Subtitle file: MEGA
Your comment: Every single segment of this episode is so good: the Death Match where Sho got knocked off twice, the iconic Aiba x Tackey A.RA.SHI MV recreation and the giant Arashi x TOKIO Kakurega Arashi Special. A super fun episode that I have timed, typesetted and partially translated. Let me know down in the comments if you are willing to take this up!