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Hello everyone!

Welcome to "Sub sub gakkou", your one stop for learning everything about fansubbing! Here you will find easy to follow video tutorials along with very easy exercises to help you learn and improve.

Why would you want to learn anything about fansubbing?

  1. It's a great way to contribute to your fandom.

  2. It's a great and easy way to learn/improve another language.

  3. If you're not the translator, well, you get the translation before everybody else ;)

  4. If you're freely pretiming, you get to work on the project you want.

You can also read this great Arashi fan's guide to fansubbing by barbosa2007!

If you're already part of a subbing team and are looking to recruit some new members, you're absolutely free to use anything posted in this community. This "school" was created for this purpose :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the right entry dedicated to the subject of your question. Don't hesitate to check the FAQ as well :)

I am not an expert at everything you will learn here but I have a lot of experience that I really wanted to share. If you see any mistake or a way to improve the "lessons", please feel absolutely free to say so in the comment section :)

NB: I'm French so please excuse my English mistakes and my terrible Frenglish accent!


As a "school", this community also propose for you to share your own pretimed files so potential translators can access it and be motivated to make more subs!

Please follow the instructions of this entry to make your own request.

We also have a project with our friend at nyoop where you can pick one of their translation. Please read the condition carefully.


Thank you and enjoy your stay!
GA!, Sho
  • fanitha

[PRETIMING REQUEST] VSA 2020.07.30 & 2020.08.06

Show name: VS Arashi
Air date:
2020.07.30 & 2020.08.06
Duration: 45 min each
Raw provider:
arashi goodies and arashi goodies
(if using other source please mention it)
Transcript: arashi-transcripts and
Your comment: This is the second time their hosting the Mr VS Arashi tournament, and there's lots of fun moments including the lovely friendship between Sho an Sato Ryuta as well as the love from Chinen to Ohno. You don't have to pick up both projects I'll be glad if you could help just with one and maybe other person can pick the second episode. Or if you're really free and want to take up both that will be awesome. Just let me know if you'll take one and which one or if you'll take both.


[PRETIMING REQUEST] Aiba Manabu with Ohno as guest (2020.12.13)

Show name: Aiba Manabu
Air date: 2020.12.13
Duration: 49 min 33 sec
Raw provider: Here @ arashigoodies
Transcript: Still not available, but you will find it on arashi-transcript in the next few days
Your comment: Oh-chan guests for the first time in 6 years and a half on Manabu! This episode is the cutest, and it's filled with fluffy Tennen moments, but also unexpected plot twists (lol). I'd love to get this out in time for Aiba's b-day if possible, so we can enjoy some warm Tennen love on that day, but I want to work on this anyway regardless of when it will be finished, so if you're interested in helping out let me know~

  • javi_15

[TRANSLATION REQUEST] Arashi ni Shiyagare 2019.08.10 (deathmatch)

Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare

Air date: 2019.08.10 (Deathmatch)
Duration: 23 min
Raw provider: apparently is on, I've only seen it on stream sites
Subtitle file: -soon-
Your comment: Thanks for this chance!
I started to run a Gen Hoshino blog while in lockdown, and I've been translating dramas (softsubs) and short videos and MV (hardsubs) in spanish. While looking for tv shows I found this one from last year, where they try different sweets. I've seen so many subs for this show, and never the ones where Gen-san is the guest.
(also, if this segment gets picked for translation, may I retranslate this to spanish? I would post both eng/spa videos with hardsubs)


[TRANSLATION REQUEST] Arashi ni Shiyagare (2018.09.22)

Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Air date: 2018.09.22
Duration: 46:20
Raw provider: arashigoodies here
Subtitle file: MEGA
Your comment: Please consider translating this older episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare :) A lot of fun that is a collaboration with NHK and NTV! This was a project with another Arashi fan but the translation could not be completed due to her schedule. Would love for the timing to not go to waste!

GA!, Sho
  • fanitha


Show name: VS Arashi
Air date:
Duration: 2:23:00
Raw provider: arashi goodies

(if using other source please mention it)
Transcript: arashi-transcripts
Your comment: This episode has lots of higlights since they have V6 as the guest team and they even have the Dance battle game, also we finally get the answer to "who is really the senpai between Ohno and Okada?". There's also Babanuki with lots of fun moments including Aiba's bff, Kazama. This is a long episode since it's a special but I really hope someone is interested in picking it up for timing (pretty please :D  )

nino back

[TRANSLATION REQUEST] Sakurai Ariyoshi THE Yakai (SixTONES cut) 2020.07.23

Show name: Sakurai Ariyoshi THE Yakai
Air date: 2020.07.23 (SixTONES cut)
Duration: 23:37
Raw provider: arashigoodies (JE cut but only until 23:37)
Transcript: arashi-transcripts
Subtitle file: GDRIVE
Your comment:
I didn't see anyone sub this yet and it's super interesting episode! About Johnny's talk with three different generations (Sho, Ueda, and SixTONES's Taiga and Juri). They also playing a bit with FaceApp :D
Also they're talking so much as expected so pardon me if there are some missings in pretiming. You can tell me later so I can add the miss. Thank you!
arashi desu

[translation request] AniShi 2020.07.04

Show name: Arashi ni Shiyagare

Air date: 2020.07.40

Duration: 46:19

Raw provider: arashi goodies
Transcript: arashi-transcripts

Subtitle file: removed - the full sub is complete thanks to bazuri and is available at their comm bazuruarashi !
Your comment: I didn’t see subs for this yet so hopefully it hasn't been subbed yet - very sorry if it already has been! This episode features Ohno going camping with Hiroshi for the second time! There's also Death Match featuring Take Out foods. This file is already typeset with the transcript applied to the lines; the font is Aller, which is available for free online. I can do encoding too. Also, I would like to help sub more currently unsubbed AniShi eps, so if there are any translators interested in working on that, please let me know!

GA!, Sho
  • fanitha


Show name: VS Arashi
Air date:
Duration: 46:44
Raw provider: arashi goodies

(if using other source please mention it)
Transcript: arashi-transcripts
Your comment:
If this is alreay subbed please let me know, I searched for it but couldn't find a subbed version. Perfume comes to the show and has a dance battle agains Arashi. Also Ohno confesses he wants to wear MJ's outfits!!

Debut Arashi

Advertising a new community

Let me advertise my comm here, because here I learned how to do hardsubs. Is a community for subbed songs of Arashi. I'll be making various karaoke videos and whatever fan who thinks who can help is allowed to post their karaokes too. Community guidelines and rules are set already, and explained in separated posts. I'll be making a karaoke and effects tutos for the comm.

Please give it a chance and take a look! 🌸